My bad azimo experience

“So much waste, cost and poor customer service” (I took it from


This is a review of money transfer experience with azimo. Thanks to, I was in such a terrible situation that I decided to create this website to warn other people about problems I have had.

I was abroad without cash and I transferred money from my UK debit card to myself using azimo. Azimo took my money. However, I did not receive my money and I also could not transfer it using another service because did not refund it! I have sent 11 emails to Some of the emails were just ignored, some replies contained empty promises. I got part of my money back only two weeks later. After one month still holds some of my money and I was told that they will not be refunded. I think that people must be aware of the real face of and I decided to write this review for azimo.

My story

On the webpage you can see the following statement

“Based in London, we serve customers…”

This phrase should increase consumer confidence and I believed them. However, the company’s work absolutely does not correspond the UK standards according to my experience. states
“100% money back guarantee”
“Send money… Our amazing support team are here to help if required. We are dedicated to taking care of your money 24/7…”

It’s not true, once they get your money, they could not respond and forget about you (as they did with me).

I was abroad without cash. I thought that it is a cheaper option to transfer money with than withdrawing cash from my debit card. Azimo took my money. However, I did not receive the transfer. I started to send emails to (I have sent 11 emails). Some of my emails were simply ignored, some azimo replies contained empty promises. Azimo also did not do any refund. They said it would come in 5 working days, and then just shifted the date further blaming their business partners. Thus, thanks to Azimo and their partners I was stuck abroad with no money. I got part of my money back to my UK account only two weeks later. The fee that Azimo took for their inefficient service were not returned. So, I can say for sure that there are no “100% money back guarantee” and “amazing support team…taking care of your money 24/7“!

I would not recommend anyone to use!

azimo review money transfers

The email that I sent to get my money back

I did two unsuccessful transactions. These are details of Transfer R551316063:

15 Apr 2015 – Azimo took money from my account.
29 Apr 2015 – Azimo refunded money back to my account excluding the fee for their service.

17 Apr
I: Could you please cancel my transfer R551316063. It takes too long.
20 Apr
Azimo: Thanks for writing. I’m sorry to say that we cannot cancel this transfer, as it’s already been paid out to your beneficiary on April 15, 2015.
21 Apr
I: Could you please tell me what is the latest date when my transfer R551316063 must be delivered? It has not arrived.
Azimo: The latest date would have been today (5 working days after the bank received your funds)[…]
I: Could you please do the full refund as soon as possible? I think that it is illegal to hold my money for such a long time. Your website says it is 24h, your support team say it is 5 days, but it is not the truth! I need this money. I cannot afford to keep it with you or your partners.
Azimo: Azimo did deliver your order within 24 hours. Your funds have paid out to the receiving bank, which has up to 5 working days to accept or reject your transfer. I’m very sorry to say that, until tomorrow evening (fifth working day following your order), the matter is beyond our control or our partner’s. By tomorrow, the order will be either be credited to the receiving account or rejected by the receiving bank. If rejected, the cancellation will be automatic and I’ll see to it that our finance team processes your refund right away. [Then azimo just forgot about me and my money]
24 Apr
I: Where are my money?
Azimo: NO REPLY.
27 Apr
I: Could you please tell me what is happening with my transfer R551316063? Azimo told me that my money had to be delivered or refunded one week ago. However, it did not happen. Could you please tell me where my money are? It is illegal to hold my money!
28 Apr [they just ignored me for one week, calls it “amazing support team…taking care of your money 24/7]
Azimo: Thanks for getting back to us. We’ve reached out three times to our […] partner, who confirmed that your funds hadn’t bounced yet, even after the 5th working day consecutive to the payout date. I do apologize for the delay that it takes for the receiving bank to accept or reject your payment; however, this is, for now, out of our hands. I just reached out to our partner again to ask for an updated status. If need be, I’ll request a proof of payment. I’ll get back to you today. Meanwhile, I do appreciate your patience with us. […]
9 May
I: Azimo refunded part of the money that was charged from my account by Azimo. When will I get the rest?
11 May
Azimo: As per our Terms & Conditions, we refund without fee in cases such as this one (bounced transfer). We did perform the service for which you commissioned us. The fact that the receiving bank rejected your funds is, unfortunately, beyond our control. I hope this helps you understand the way we operate.
18 May
I: Thank you for you reply. As long as you charged me without providing the service, could you please tell me the particular reason why the money has not been transferred?
Azimo: NO REPLY.

The people who sent me emails from Azimo are Przemek and Patrick,

Azimo Ltd – Send Money to The World
16 Upper Woburn Place
London, WC1H 0BS, United Kingdom
T +44 (0) 203 137 0708 “


The main conclusion is that azimo takes you money and takes fees for their service, but you take all risks of their business and risks of their cooperation with partners. Azimo says that they deliver your money within 24 hours but if you ask for your money almost two weeks after, they just tell you “this is out of our hands”.

Isn’t it frustrating?
If you have any questions, you can contact me using
With best wishes,